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Your baby’s exciting age comes when he becomes of nine months. He is learning and trying to crawl by applying great effort and efficiency. At this age he is grasping to play independently and there is possibility that he may be starting to communicate. So for this purpose, healthy and good nutrition keeps his body and brain so he can achieve all these new skills. For learning hand-eye coordination, meal time can be an important part. A better diet plan can make your baby’s body fit.


There is a variety of vitamins, fiber and minerals in vegetables and fruits. Start giving these vegetables and fruits and check for allergies. There should a proper way of giving these fruits and vegetables. For example green beans, carrots, bananas, orange squash. Cut up and smash these foods so that to avoid choking of the baby. There is special diet planner in case if you want juices for your baby. The association suggests limiting it to less than four ounces per day. It would be definitely healthful for your baby.


Your crawler (or 9 Month baby) can eat tiny pieces of beans, meat, yogurt and egg yolks (cooked thoroughly) that provide high-quality B Vitamins, iron, proteins and calcium for appropriate development and growth. Approximately 11 grams of protein per day is the basic need of your baby. At each meal, one-fourth to one-half cup of protein food should seemly meet his needs.


For the proper development of your baby’s brain and body, fats are needed but there is no need of sweet for that purpose. Half of the calories come from mother’s milk. From that they get fats. There is a need of 30 gram per day for your baby. Other fats can be given from cheese, fish, yogurt (whole-fat). By feeding formula plus three meals, three snacks per day that include food comprising healthy fats. In that way your baby can acquire the proper amount for his growth of brain and body. Feeding of candies, sweets and desserts must be avoided.


Your 9-Months baby is eating more foods this is the reason your baby is most likely drinking less Mother’s milk or formula. However, there is still need of calories, proteins and other nutrients they provide. Academy of Pediatrics recommends the whole diet for the baby for his proper development.

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