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How to start a photography blog and make money online?

Let’s start a photography blog this year and make money online blogging!

Sounds fun ha! and you probably searched on Google the same and that’s why you ended up in this blog post…

I’m a blogger who built several blogs and I did teach people how to start a successful blog from scratch. If you are new to blogging, first you need to know how to start a blog and easiest way is to start a WordPress blog with perfectly done SEO to it. So it ranks on search engines and helps you get the organic free traffic you can monetise.

You can learn how to start a WordPress and do SEO step by Step here in this guide

And next, you must know what are the best ways to make money blogging. There are many ways and for me, I did use 10 ways to earn as a blogger. You can read the 10 money making blogging strategies at


Click the above image and you will be taken to the place where I’ve explained it all to you.

By: Fernando – CEO Of ClickDo Ltd. UK


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