benefits of iphone over smart phone

Benefits Of Using An Iphone Over An Android Smartphone

Apple phones are one of the best phones you will get in the market today. However, people have different tastes; there are those that prefer Android to Apple while others Apple to Android. At Deal Voucherz we provide a variety of SmartPhones to choose from, from different dealers; all at handsomely discounted prices.  Below are different reasons as to why Apple phones are the best compared to Android version phones.

Benefits of iPhones over Android Smartphones

  • Faster – Apple phones are fitted with an A11 bionic chip which differentiates it from the Android phones. It helps when editing, downloading applications, playing games that require a larger space to enjoy them and so much more. When using the Android version, the same applications will slow down the processor. Some applications may fail in the process and require the owner to delete some apps. Therefore, iPhones are known to have a fast processor compared to Android smartphones.
  • Software and Hardware integration – When Apple released the iPhone 6s, it added a feature that is smart enough to sense pressure and take quick action from the home screen just by long pressing on the app icon. It later added the lighting effect with a tap on the latest iPhone 8 plus. With the iPhone X, you can log in with a face recognition that can detect you with different changes for the next two years. For example if you gain weight or change your facial structure. However when it comes to Androids, they can only detect the face you saved it with. Even if they have tried their best in the latest smartphones, iPhones still emerge at the top.

    benefits of iphone over android

  • Easy to use – Apple has always tried to make their phones the easiest to use. They have not changed their look and iOS over the years which has been a plus for them. It is not complicated and does not have apps hidden inside other folders or apps compared to the Android smartphone.
  • OS Updates – iPhones get to update their features on the day they are released. This makes it way easy compared to the Android version phones in the market. Android phones have to jump through a lot of hoops to get you the latest OS update which honestly sucks.

There are a lot more advantages iPhones have over Androids. If you do feel like you want to switch from your Android phone to a new iPhone, visit Deal Voucherz and get the best deals on the latest apple products.

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