Latest Designs in the Market for Your Kitchen

kitchen-designingAre you looking to redecorate your kitchen in 2019? You should consider the latest designs on the market. While trends are often misleading and superficial, you can make use of tried and tested design trends to breathe new air into your kitchen. In this post, we have compiled a list of the latest trends in 2019, trends you can use to spruce up your kitchen. These include;


A kitchen island converts your kitchen into a dining room. It doesn’t hurt anyway, that people are closer to the food they eat. A kitchen island works best in an open kitchen plan which has plenty of space to spare. The island is often placed in the middle of the space. An L-shaped kitchen plan works best with islands that are attached to a wall.

The high chairs or bar stools used are typically simple in design and take up very little space as long as they are pushed back to the island after use. Kitchen islands are a growing trend because you can make use of this space to store some containers or entertain a guest as you prepare meals.

A well-paced kitchen island, no matter how beautiful, should not interrupt the flow of working in the kitchen interior designing.

Monochrome colored kitchen;

Monochrome kitchens are gaining more and more popularity. There is especially a particular focus on darker and navy shades for the color green, brown, grey, black and navy. The latest trend is to pick one of those colors, and use a different tone for the entire kitchen from storage space to drawers and cupboards and other furniture. The themes are further considered when choosing the floor covering and lights.

The final look is very eye-catching; it adds life to the ordinarily plain kitchen.

Custom storage designs;  

fci-london-kitchensCustom storage designs and contemporary kitchens are also referred to as bespoke storage. This current trend includes incorporating storage based in the space you are working with. The storage units are concealed within the space you already have and are retrieved when in need. The idea behind this design is to declutter the kitchen space innovatively. There is a growing demand for custom storage which includes units that are ceiling high. The space within this unit is used based on your storage needs.

Bespoke storage is very preferred because it works in both smaller and larger kitchen spaces.

Detailed taps;

Nothing is spared when it comes to designing the kitchen and this includes taps. Detailed taps that either has a modern or rustic design are a common trend in 2019. Some faucets have a mixture of both, with the outlet being modern and the control being rustic.

Over and above the modified appearance, the function of the taps is increasing. Some taps allow the release of very hot water, sparkling water or filtered water for drinking.

Smart Kitchens;

Smart kitchens rely on technology and a Bluetooth or internet connection to work. There are smart appliances, smart lighting, and speakers that relay the recipe as you work. Smart kitchens are expected to become more popular in 2019; you can never go wrong with it.

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