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London’s top magician

Hiring a magician to lighten your day is the wisest thing you can do for your event. Before hiring one, however, you should ensure that they are professional and also good at what they do.
If you are in London, here are the best magicians in town.

  1. David Blaine

He is top on our list because of how talented he is. He graduated from playing tricks and cards to doing the most unimaginable things a human can do. He is now widely known for his public imprisonments. Starting with spending three full days entombed inside six tonnes of ice. He was also buried beneath a full tank of water in New York.

His audience is also allowed to shine laser pens in his eyes while golfers were allowed to aim at him. His high profile endurance and has, as a result, broken many world records.

Dices in Magic show

2.Adam Patel
He is a British Asian magician and one of the best in the UK. He is also a writer, an actor, and even a motivational speaker. This illusionist has his YouTube channel where you can know more of what he does as an illusionist.
Adam has a plethora of exciting and quite unusual things he can do. He has a great deal in mind, hacking, perceptual manipulation, and many other magical acts.

3.Darryl Rose
He is one of the best in London. Specializing in close-ups, cabarets, trade shows, mix and mingle, corporate, and tabletops. He is also very talented in showcasing magical acts like spoon bending, mind reading, and pick pocketing.
Darryl is based in London, but he has also traveled to different parts of the world to showcase his magic.

4.Alan Hudson

Alan Hudson is said to be one of the most amazing and funniest magicians in the UK. He is free to do close up magic, wedding parties, corporate meetings, and many other events. He can do well both in tiny table magical acts and showcasing his magic to a broader audience.

He has 20 years of experience in professional magic, having being awarded the Carlton comedy award by The Inner Magic Circle. Hudson is one of the leading magicians in Britain, and he can perform ion any part of London as well as other parts of the world.

This magician is an interactive one, which means you can hire him if you want a magician who can engage the audience.

5.Sirus magic
Sirus is another London based magician with 25 years of experience in professional magic. Sirus is always available in any part of London and any other part of the world. He has worked as a consultant for other magicians, mostly in magic shows. He is also best at inventing his unique range of magical effects.

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