Top 10 Magic Tricks that you can enjoy from Virtual Magicians

Top 10 Magic Tricks That You Can Enjoy From Virtual Magicians

This era of pandemic and its consequent lockdown has left and continues to leave a profound impact on all aspects of our lives. The art of magic as well as many magicians, as surprising as it is, are no different.

But as expected from magicians, they would never disappoint their audience. Magic now has integrated itself into the online magic show as well. Here are the best 10 magic tricks performed by top magicians and quality magicians

Best magic Tricks

  • Bubble Thought – Bubble Thought is one of the best possible virtual card tricks to be ever performed. It is quite a simple and easy yet fun and exciting magic trick that engages some of the audience to perform a trick with the magician.
  • Watch This – Watch This is another extremely popular magic trick that is being performed on virtual meetings and platforms. This also happens to be a card trick in which the card turns into a watch.
  • The Piano Card Project – The Piano Card Project is a more visually stimulating magic trick. This innovative magic trick involves the use of a toolbox that the virtual magicians will use to awe and shock the viewers and audience.
  • I.D.D – I.D.D is another virtually impressive magic trick that any virtual magician can use to surprise their audience. It involves the use and creation of art and drawings, so it is highly suggested that the audience brush up their drawing skills soon!
  • Inferno – Inferno is more like the traditional magic tricks that any crowd or audience watches in a traditional magic show. This magical illusion involves the typical deck of cards and matchstick boxes.

Rubik's Cube

  • RD Insta Live – For most of the people, solving a Rubik’s Cube can be pretty hard, and nothing is more wonderful than watching someone solve a Rubik’s Cube effortlessly, especially if the members of the audience do not know how to do so.
  • Vanishing – This is another traditional magic trick that can be found in a number of ways in any magic show. While the trick can be discovered in a live show, it is pretty hard to do on a camera.
  • Coin Production – Another one of the traditional tricks, the magician produces a coin out of thin air and gives the audience a site to enjoy, even though cameras.
  • Bottle Manipulation – This trick involves the use of a water bottle that the magician proceeds to disappear, appear, fill up or empty at will.
  • Transformation – In these magical shows, the magicians change or modify any or all objects in front of them and the audience.
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