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Useful Tricks About Hair Straighteners

Most of us nowadays use a hair straightener to get that amazing pin-straight hair. It is one of the essential tools everyone should have when styling your hair. Nowadays, there are various hair straighteners available in the market in the different price ranges. For people who are looking for the right hair straightener can use the Shaver Shop discount code to get amazing deals and discounts. 

Tips to know when using hair straightener

There are many hacks that one can apply when using a hair straightener. Some of the tricks and tips are discussed below.

Do not forget the heat protectant spray.

Before you start using the hair straightener, make sure to apply heat protectant on your hair. It is used mainly to minimize the damaged, which is caused due to the high temperature. The heat protectant also helps the hair not to get too dry and frizzy at the end of the day. 

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Choose the type of hair straightener.

There are various types of hair straightener available in the market. Some of them are tourmaline, ceramic, and titanium. Tourmaline is mainly used as it makes our hair shinier, less frizzy, and straighter than any other type. Ceramic straightener helps to distribute the heat evenly. It is very useful as it won’t burn your hair. Titanium is used because it heats up quickly and gets the job done within minutes. 

Be gentle with the temperature.

We know that using high temperature on your hair can damage it very much. It is suggested to not set the temperature over 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Going over this temperature is most likely going to burn your hair. 

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Make sure to use the hair comb.

People often miss out on using a hairbrush while getting their hair straightened. The hairbrush helps to detangle the hair properly, and when you use the straightener, the hair lies flat. It gives the perfect pin-straight hair. 

Use a clean hair straightener.

If we use the hair straightener for a long time, it starts to accumulate dirt. Using a dirty hair straightener will damage your hair even more. Make sure to use a clean cloth and some rubbing alcohol to get rid of the entire gunk present in it.

Make a bend at the end of your hair.

Many of us do not like the pin-straight hair and want to achieve a more natural look. Using a thick brush helps you get the bent end of the hair. Draping the hot, straightened hair over the thick brush until it cools off does this. 

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